Remote Lessons Come Alive

A web app for private lessons

For Tutors and Students

Create a feeling of being in the same room. Let the other participant see you and a sheet of paper where you write or draw


Write And Draw On Paper

Point your webcam at the sheet of paper where you write and share the live image with the other participant

Our image correction algorithms will make the page look properly on the screen

Write and draw as usual and watch what the other participant writes

Ideal for math, science, languages, drawing classes and many others

Screen Sharing

You may share your screen or an application, e.g. another browser window, MS Word or PowerPoint


You may send and receive text messages during the session

Documents and Images

Share images and pdf files

Take snapshots from your or another participant's webcam and share them for further discussion

Use virtual marker to bring attention to certain areas of the shared document or to underline or correct mistakes


We use end-to-end encryption for video, audio, text messages and file sharing. Our servers can't see or hear what you are doing

Free and Easy

Nothing to install - you just need a browser

No registration necessary

Free to use

System Requirements

  • A desktop or a laptop computer
  • One of the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge browser
  • A microphone
  • One or two web cameras
  • To show a live image of your handwritten page, one of the web cameras must be external (not embedded into the laptop) and support HD resolution

Try Our App Without Connecting To Another Participant

If you have an external HD webcam, try our "Paper View Mode" to see how the handwriting looks on screen

Try it now